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My Favorite Newborn Products

Kinsley is just about one month old and I can't believe how quickly time has gone by! Over the past few weeks I have been using so many different products and I thought it would be helpful to share all my favorites. Taking care of a newborn is no easy task so hopefully some of these products can offer some assistance. Here is a list of product that I have utilized and loved and is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Copper Pearl Swaddles

I can't say enough about these swaddles. They are made of a premium knit fabric that are so soft to the touch. I originally bought two and ended up buying three more because I loved them so much.

Multi-Use Cover Copper Pearl

I bought two of these and they quickly came in handy for nursing covers. With lots of guests stopping by in the first few weeks, these covers made it easy to nurse her discreetly while still spending time with family.

Copper Pearl Burp Clothes

What can I say, I love this brand. haha I love the fabric and these are great to burp her and I also use them to catch all my let down milk through out the night.

Plum & Sparrow Bassinet

This basket was one of the first purchases I made when I found out we were pregnant. I am obsessed with how cute they are and the portability. I bring this all around the house and plan to travel with it during the holidays. They sell out QUICK so if you want to purchase one, you gotta be on top of it. They typically go on sale Fridays at 8am and sell out within 15 minutes.

Snuggle Me Organic

My baby loves to snuggle so naturally she is nestled on me 24/7. This product has been wonderful to take my place when I need to get chores done. The Snuggle Me is designed to pull in and hug her which makes putting her down to sleep a much easier task. If you don't believe me, the reviews speak for themselves.

Boppy Pillow + cover

I was a little hesitate to buy this because I fully didn't understand the point of it, however I am glad I did! I use it multiple times through out the day with nursing and I imagine I will be able to use it as she gets older to help sit her up in. Even my husband was impressed with this simple pillow. I bought the pillow naked on amazon and purchased the cover on Etsy.

Blanqi Highwaist Postpartum Leggings

I LOVE these leggings, I actually wish I had purchased them earlier in my pregnancy. I received them two weeks before my due date expecting them not to fit but they totally did. They are now my go-to leggings when I leave the house as they are comfortable and supportive.

Solly Wrap

Kinsley is a baby that does not like to be put down, she loves to be on my chest. This wrap has come in handy for chores around the house and evening strolls. I love how comfortable it is for both of us.

Happy Baby Carrier

Same as above but this one is a more sturdy carrier. I have used this for outings and around the house as well. I love the material and how super easy it is to put on and take off.

Sleep Sheep Sound Machine

I am not entirely sure how well this has helped her but I feel like it has so I wanted to add this to my list. I have used this every night when she is going to sleep, I put it in her basket when she is napping and I even bring it on her stroller when we are running errands. I feel like it calms her down and I love how portable and cute it is.

Ryan & Rose Pacifier & Clip

Kinsley has loved to suck since she came into the world. However it has been hard to get her to take a pacifier but she has slowly grown to like the Ryan & Rose Pat Pat. Not only are they super cute but are helping sooth her.

Nursing nightgown

I did not expect to like this product as much as I did. I love wearing long t-shirts to bed so this was perfect to be able to nurse in. I pretty much wore this constantly the first week postpartum. Not only was it comfy and cute but it made nursing in it easy and you didn't have to worry about pants.

Postpartum Care: Mesh underwear, Pads, Hazel witch pads, Peri bottle, Spray

I do not have links to any of this product because it was all the stuff the hospital provided but I thought it would be worth mentioning. I really loved everything they supplied and I am glad I didn't go out and spend a bunch of money on postpartum care. Before I left the hospital I actually asked them to provide me with more mesh underwear, pads and hazel witch pads before we left. They had no problem with it. The mesh underwear was my favorite because they were comfy and disposable, I had actually ran out and was super bummed. Next time I will ask for even more.

NatureBond Breast Pump Milk Saver

If you plan on breast feeding this is an awesome product to have. When you are nursing this will suction on to your other breast and it catches all the let down milk. I was collecting 2-3 ounces during a feeding and was able to start creating a freezer stash of breastmilk without even trying. I do not use this with every time I nurse but I do use it when my breasts are full and I feel like I am going to have a lot of let down milk.

Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags

I have not tried any other brands yet but these seem to do the trick. I am glad I bought these a head of time because I did not even realize how quickly I'd be able to start freezing my milk. I wasn't planning on pumping right away but with my let down supply and being engorged that quickly changed so I am happy I had these on hand.

Nipple Balm - Earth Mama, Lansinoh Lanolin, Medicated Pads

Holy smokes, I totally underestimated how painful nursing would be however I am glad I had these products to help alleviate the pain. To be honest, I am not sure how much it helped but I'm still glad I had these to at least make me feel like I was being proactive. My SIL gave me Earth Mama so I used that and I had already purchased the lanolin so I switched between the two. Then at Kinsley's 2 day check up the pediatrician gave me these medicated pads to use between feedings and those were super helpful as well. So if you are in lots of pain, I'd recommend asking the doctor if they have medicated nursing pads.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

To be honest, I am not a fan of nursing pads but for me they are an unnecessary evil. This was a product I didn't know if I would actually need but boy was I glad I had these in advance. I found myself constantly drenching through sports bras and shirts so this helped with keeping me somewhat dry. I have not tried any other pads but these do the trick. & For the record it's not the brand that I don't like its just the whole nursing pad process that sucks to me.

Nipple Shields

Another product that I was not sure if I was going to use but I am glad I had it on hand. After about 5 days of nursing I was in extreme amounts of pain. (I plan on writing a blog about my nursing journey). I was in toe curling, full on waterworks pain that felt like a bunch of tiny needles were stabbing my nipples while someone was twisting them at the same time. I finally gave in and used the nipple shields I had purchased and it was such a relief! I currently am still using them as I am trying to figure out the root of my nursing pain but hope to ween her off soon.

Favorite Clothes - Baby Bling Bows, JamieKay

I purchased lots of clothes from BabyGap, Carters, H&M, Zara, Nordstrom, etc., however my favorite was Baby Bling Bows for headbands and JamieKay for their ribbed onesies. I not only love the quality of these products but the colors and fit as well.

Bralettes - Free People, Calvin Klein

I had purchased some nursing bras but I quickly found that what I had already owned worked best for me. My mom had bought me the Free People bralette a few Christmas's ago and I had just bought the Calvin Klein bra this year and have worked great. They are really stretchy, easy to pull down and most importantly comfortable.

Changing - Pampers Swaddlers, Bloom Baby, Wipe Dispenser, Ubbi Diaper Pale

There are tons of different options out there for diapering so I wanted to share what has worked for us. Kins wears Pamper swaddlers for diapers, we've only had one or two blow outs that got outside of the diaper. The bloom baby wipes have not caused any types of rash or skin sensitivity so that is good in my book. The wipe dispenser has worked great and functioned as it is suppose to, no problems with too many wipes coming out at once. Lastly the Ubbi Diaper Pale, I was torn on whether to purchase a diaper specific trash can but I am glad that I did. Taking out the trash and mopping are the two chores I hate most so I decided a separate trash can that locks out the smell would be beneficial to us. I also liked this one because there was no special bag required.

Portable Changing Pad

My sister-in-law had bought me this portable changing pad and we have been using it since day one. My mom stayed in Kinsley's nursery the first few days and so we used this portable changing pad to change her on our bed through out the night. I have also used it in public bathrooms to change her on as well.

Laundress Baby Detergent

I was told you are suppose to have special detergent for the babies clothes so I went ahead and bought this stuff. It smells great and does the job, so two thumbs up for me.

Burtz Bee Washcloths

My bestie gifted me these washcloths and I am so happy she did. We used these from day one to wet with warm water and wipe off all of her eye junk. She had a blocked tear duct when she was born that caused yellow build up that would dry and crust around her eye. Using these cloths we would massage the tear duct and it went away after a few days. I am glad we had these on hand to use.

Breast Pump - hospital provided

My hospital/insurance provided us with a free breast pump. I'm glad I had it right away because I quickly became engorged and needed to relieve some discomfort. I have not decided if I will be purchasing another pump (as this one you have to be connected to an outlet to use). If I do end up needing a better pump my girlfriend recommended the Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump and I will be going that route.

Doona Stroller/Carseat

When researching for a stroller I knew I needed something that was compact and easy to travel with. This convertible carseat / stroller does the trick and has already made my life easier. Taking her to and from doctor appointments or out on walks has been a breeze. It is the only carseat in the world with integrated wheels. It is on the expensive side but you can get 20% off through Bed, Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby with their coupons. I am going to be so sad when she outgrows this one day.

Portable Swing

I waited to purchase this swing because I wasn't sure if it was something that I was going to utilize but I am glad I did. I like how compact it is and the neutral colors. Kinsley likes to be held and rocked so this allows me to put her down for a bit while I get chores done around the house. It is also portable so if we want to travel with it during the holidays it will be easy to take!

Fawn Diaper Bag

My sister-in-law purchased this for me as a baby shower gift and I just love it. I have already gotten compliments on it. I love the material/quality of the bag and I love the functionality of it. It is a backpack which makes it all the easier to tote around.

iPhone Tripod

This is an odd ball thing but it is something that I am glad that I had at the hospital. My mom was suppose to help film Kinsley's birth but my labor was so quick that she missed it. I am glad I had a backup plan and purchased this little iPhone tripod. My husband set it up behind me and we now have her birth filmed.

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