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Moving To San Diego

Updated: Dec 30, 2017

When I started dating my Husband in 2012 I was very clear that I would never move to his hometown of San Diego. . . look at us now! haha. I was, and still am, very much a Northern California girl! Now what is a Nor Cal girl exactly and how does it differ from a So Cal Girl? Welp for starters I prefer lakes over the ocean, fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the changing autumn leaves, and most importantly it is where my family is from. I had this idea in my head that people in Southern California were snobby and thought they are better than everyone else. So I was pleasantly surprised when the people I interacted with from day to day were very polite. It is hard for me to imagine how one could be cranky with this perfect weather all year round.

I did underestimate how much I was going to love the weather. I do not miss getting into my 120 degree car that has black leather interior while wearing short shorts or scrapping off just enough of the ice from my windshield so I can see when I drive to work in the morning. Every weekend Spencer will walk out onto our porch, "It is such a beautiful day." My reply always the same, "It's always a beautiful day here." Let me attempt to paint a picture for those of you who are not familiar with the San Diego weather. You know those days just in between summer and fall that stay in between 65-75 degrees? I think Miss. Rhode Island said it best, "It is not too hot, not too cold and all you need is a light jacket." Well that is San Diego almost every single day.

I grew up in a small city in the east bay, everything you needed was within a 10 minute drive without traffic and parking was never an issue. One of the biggest obstacles that I face down here is getting from A to B. The complicated freeways drive me insane and once you do finally get to where you are going it is sometimes impossible to find parking. Well I do like to be positive so in a way. . . it is a good thing because that just means there is a lot of cool stuff to do down here and everyone wants to be apart of it.

I created a video of our first month in San Diego that highlights our transition from our large home in the suburbs to our cozy beach house. Click on the video below to watch and if you

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Familiar with San Diego? If so what is your favorite thing to do here?

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