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Meet Kinsley Michelle

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Kinsley Michelle Moyer is here! She has lots of blonde hair, blue eyes and long skinny legs. She was born at 10:36am on October 27th and weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches long. Kinsley loves to be held and doesn't sleep unless we are cuddling up together. She also loves tummy time and getting her diaper changed. Spencer & I are doing great adjusting to the new parent life. I may be a walking zombie but holding this little girl makes up for all the lack of sleep. We are so smitten and spend our days smiling at our new baby girl.

Now for the juicy birth details... after 11 hours of labor and 13 minutes of pushing she was here. What makes her story so interesting is that an hour prior to her birth, the nurse was estimating another 12+ hours until she'd be born. I dilated from a 3 to a 10 out of nowhere! So let's start at the beginning.

Two days prior to heading to the hospital I was experiencing predominate labor. I was having contractions every 7-12 minutes from 11pm to 5am. They were not super painful but enough to stop me in my tracks and keep me up all night. I had gotten 2 hours of sleep on that Wednesday night and 4 hours of sleep Thursday night. Friday at 6pm the contractions started again, they were inconsistent but strong. I figured it'd be another sleepless night of predominate labor, however at 11:00pm my water broke as I was sitting on the couch. My water breaking was not a dramatic gush but felt more like I peed myself. I got up and ran to the bathroom to call the hospital and consult them. We confirmed it was my water breaking and I broke down crying with excitement. I couldn't even finish the conversation with the nurse so Spencer took over. We grabbed all our stuff and headed to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital the pain of my contractions intensified and were five minutes apart. We checked in at 12am and they confirmed my water did break. The nurse also checked my dilation and I was only at a two. This was very discouraging because at this point I was in extreme amounts of pain and felt like I had to have progressed to more than two cm! I labored for the next five hours drug free until I couldn't take the pain anymore. I asked the nurse if she could check my cervix to see how dilated I was because I wanted to wait until I was at least a seven to get an epidural. Sure enough she checked and I was only at three cm! The nurse predicted that it would still be another 20+ hours before she would be delivered and I broke down crying. I hated the idea of being stuck to a hospital bed for 20 hours but I couldn't bare the idea of being in this extreme amount of pain for another 20 hours either. I gave in and I ended up getting the epidural at 5:30am and it was the best decision ever. I felt no pain with the epidural going in and was able to relax and even took a cat nap. At 10:00am my charts started showing variables; her heart rate started to drop and they gave me an oxygen mask. The midwife decided to check my cervix and she looks up at me and says, "Oh my gosh, you're full!". I look at her confused, "Um what does that mean?". She says, "You're ready to push!". She called the nurses and told them to get into my room ASAP. Spencer started to reach out to family to tell them to get to the hospital. By 10:23am I was pushing and 13 minutes later she was born!

They immediately put her on me and tears started streaming down my face. Nothing can describe the feeling of holding your baby for the first time. We did skin to skin for a long time and Spencer cut her umbilical cord once it stopped pulsating. Soon after she was ready to nurse and latched like a champ. It amazes me how this tiny little babe comes into the world and just knows exactly what to do. All the nurses and midwifes were impressed with our entire process, how quick my labor and pushing was, how great she latched and how much colostrum I was producing. After she nursed Spencer got to get his time with her and my heart exploded with love. Seeing the man of my dreams hold our baby that we created still brings tears to my eyes.

My Kinsley girl is currently cuddled up on me as I am typing this. I can't get enough of her snuggles and doing my best to soak in this short newborn phase. She's been so amazing and I can't even picture what our life was before her. Be sure to check out our hospital pictures and birth video below!!

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