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We are having a girl and we couldn't be more excited!!! I'm so ready for matching outfits, gymnastic classes and ultimately to watch Spencer be an amazing dad to this confident and strong little girl. Pregnancy has been so magical and I already love being a mom to our Kinsley (wait for it) Moyer.

Spencer & I had decided on the name Kinsley for our future little girl months prior to even becoming pregnant. I was in a target when I heard a mom yelling to her daughter, "Kinsley!" I immediately texted Spencer the name and his response, "That's it. That is our girl name." Going into this pregnancy we didn't have a boy name picked out, so it worked out well that we were able to use the one name we had decided on. We are still not 100% sure on the middle name but have a very good idea of what it will be. (hence why i put wait for it above - hehe and a little HIMYM humor for those who watch the show).

Our gender reveal story is quite a silly one. It took two different appointments to determine the sex because our little Kinsley did not want to cooperate the first time around. She was nestled on the bottom on my uterus and unmotivated to move. For 40 minutes we attempted multiple techniques such as handstands, jumping jacks, twists and turns until she finally had moved from her little curled up position. However, she had decided she wasn't ready to share with us and put both her hands in between her legs. You could see it clearly on the ultra sound, both legs open with 10 little fingers hiding her secret! Spencer & I immediately start cracking up, "That is certainly our headstrong little baby." For the past month of our pregnancy I had felt like we were having a girl, however after seeing that stunt she pulled I had doubted my intuition and for the first time thought, 'hmm maybe we are having boy'.

We ended up rescheduling later in the week. This time she was ready and within a few minutes the ultrasound technician was over 99% accurate of what the sex of our little baby was. We had opted on finding out the gender together at home but as soon as we walked into the parking lot of the ultrasound office we knew we couldn't wait any longer. We set up my iPhone on Spencers car in the middle of the parking lot and opened up the news together. Spencer & I are not really good at keeping secrets so it was no surprise to me that we lasted a whole 3 minutes after walking out of the office. Haha! I created a video below to share our awkward, goofy, and impatient gender reveal. Hope you enjoy!

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Hello everyone, let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is Aimee Michelle Moyer and I am 26 years old.  I married the love of my life on August 12th, 2017.


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