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Family Tahoe Trip

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

For my brothers 21st birthday we headed to South Lake Tahoe to celebrate! Not only was it my brothers birthday weekend but it was Easter and the weekend that I would announce to my family that we were pregnant! I know what you are thinking, "Why would you take away from your brothers weekend with such a big announcement like that?" That exact thought went across my mind hundreds of times but to be honest...I had no choice. I was already 10 weeks along and there was no chance that my family wouldn't grow suspicious when I wasn't having my morning bloody mary. So it had to be done but we announced it immediately which left the rest of the weekend to celebrate my brother and Easter!

My immediate side of the family is huge which makes it all the more special when we are able to get most of us together. I have 4 parents(dad, mom, step mom, step dad), 5 brothers, 3 sister-in-laws, 3 nieces, 1 nephew and it is only continuing to grow! We arrived Friday to a beautiful cabin that was large enough to accommodate our growing family. We settled in and quickly announced our big news(click here to see video reactions). We caught up on life and soaked up each others company. Friday was his actual 21st birthday so we got dressed up and hit the casinos. We danced, gambled and drank(water for me) until the late hours of the night.

Saturday we headed into incline village, walked around the shops and had a nice lunch. We came back to the cabin to play in the snow and soaked up more family time. Saturday night we decided to stay in (my feet and back were very thankful). Kyle's girlfriend got him a new virtual reality system for his birthday so we switched between playing that, pool and drinking games. The girls got to enjoy the hot tub, which I was insanely jealous of. The beer bong and champbong also came out which is always fun.

Sunday was Easter and I woke up to my niece Avery opening her presents from the Easter bunny. We scarfed down a delicious breakfast and started the egg hunt! It was so much fun seeing her light up and run around the snow covered yard looking for eggs. After we packed our bags, cleaned the house and started the journey back home. It was such an amazing weekend celebrating my brother, Easter and the soon to be newest addition to our family(MSA). Don't forget to check out my video and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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