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Beachy Maternity

Spencer & I woke up at 5:00am to hit the beach to take maternity pictures. I had originally reached out to a few photographers to do the shoot but Spencer was more than willing to take a stab at them. Now keep in mind, he has no prior photography skills but over the course of the past year I've been teaching him how to use my camera. I'm so proud and lucky to have this patient and amazing man in my life. Now you may notice the pictures are only of me. . haha. I had wanted to get some of the two of us from a tripod but he wasn't feeling it and one thing my mom has taught me is to pick and choose your battles. I was already so grateful for him to be getting up with me early on a Sunday morning that I wasn't going to argue for anything more.

We picked a beach that was known for its privacy and tall cliffs, Blacks Beach. Neither of us had been to that beach but were so happy we were able to explore it. Black's Beach is also known for its nudity but we lucked out and got there earlier enough to avoid the nude crowd hahaha. The trail to the beach features a steep hike down a winding path of natural and manmade steps along the 350 feet cliff face. I had not realized what a trek it was and had to take multiple stops on the way down and up the 35 stories of stairs. Despite it's difficulty to get to it was one of the most beautiful beaches we had been to in San Diego. Dolphins were surfing the waves the entire time we were there, the water was warm and the sunrise was beautiful! On the way back up the stairs I was able to pull my drone out and get amazing footage of the dolphins swimming along the ocean coast. What made it even more special was the little baby dolphins amongst the pod. I could have gazed at those dolphins all day long.

All in all it was a beautiful morning exploring San Diego and we got amazing maternity pictures to share with Kinsley when she gets older! Which outfit is your favorite??


Lace Dress (No longer avail): H&M

Bikini: L Space

Over the Shoulder Maxi: Pretty Plum Sugar

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