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20 Of My Favorite Wedding Details

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

A lot of hard work and thought goes into each and every detail of your wedding! You try to accomplish the Pinterest look while also maintaining your personal style. Here are some of my favorite details about our wedding, in no order of importance. Also, I did my best to link where I got everything from.

1. Taco Bell Hot Sauce Guest Favors

My husband and I have a slight addition to Taco Bell, so when my Matron of Honor gave me the idea to do Taco Bell Hot Sauces as the guest favors we were sold! They ended up being such a bigger hit than I could have imagined, who would have thought so many people love TB?! As great as it was to see how excited our guests were to receive their jars, I probably had an even better time collecting them. I had to go to 3 different Wincos (they are less then $1 each) to completely wipe out their supply. Let me paint this picture, here's this young blonde girl loading up 50-100 jars of Taco Bell Sauce in a single shopping cart. I had many strange looks and interactions with customers and the cashiers would always give me this puzzled look. Finally one of the cashiers had the courage to ask what I was doing with all these jars, I panicked and put my head down, "I just really like Taco Bell."

2. Harry Potter Vow Books

We LOVE Harry Potter! So when I found these amazing fan-made books on Etsy, I instantly knew these had to be our vow books. These little books are 4"x 6" which made for the perfect size and added that extra personal touch. Etsy Shop

3. SweetHeart Table

We had a huge bridal party! So getting everyone at one table (plus their significant others) did not make sense to me. Not only did the sweetheart table give us a little one on one time but it made our guests more comfortable to come up to us and greet us. Had we not had that time who knows if we would have seen those guests through out the night. We went for a simplistic design and I loved it. MR & MRS

4. Aerialist Press Wedding Invitations

I came across this website and fell in love with all their letter press designs. I knew exactly what I was looking for and they were able to provide it to me. The quality is amazing and I was so happy with the simplistic and elegant design.

5. DIY Hangers

I wanted simple and pretty hangers for all the girls to hang their dresses on. I bought the white hangers on amazon and the vinyl stickers from Etsy! Simple and inexpensive! On my hanger I put Bride on one side and Mrs. Moyer on the other. I gave the photographer free reign to photograph which ever side they desired. Decals

6. Beer Garden

We were very fortunate to know this amazing couple that let us borrow their bar ! (Thank you again Adam and Maddy!!) The wive's brother actually had made this for their wedding the year prior and I just fell in love with it! It is so beautifully crafted and functioned amazingly. We bought the black little chalk signs from Hobby Lobby and I wrote the types of beer with a chalk pen. Guests enjoyed taping their own beer and I didn't have to hire more bartenders.

7. DIY Seating Chart

I bought 6 window picture frames at Walmart, they were originally brown and I spray painted them white. Drilled in hooks and bought chain so they can hang in this beautiful arbor. I printed the cards myself which made it easier for last minute adjustments. I was so happy with how they turned out! What made these even better is I ended up taking out all seating assignments from the frames and using them as decor for my guest bedroom! WindowFrame

8. Custom Cornhole Board

My mother-in-law bought us these amazing custom cornhole boards from Etsy. Every time I looked over at the lawn someone was always playing on them! One of my favorite details of these boards was that we lined the hole with an LED light so it lite up when it got dark!

Simular Here

9. DIY Wedding Arch

The venue we booked had a round metal arch to get married under and it was not exactly what I had pictured for our ceremony. I reached out to my step dad that I wanted to build one and he immediately sprung into action. He ended up doing it all himself and surprised me with it. It is such a special piece that we can now cherish forever. Fun fact: The linens are actually 4 paint cloths that we bought from Lowes, my mom sewed them so they can hang on the hidden rod. Paint Drop Cloths

10. Welcome Sign

If you are a Pinterest fanatic like me than you have seen the gorgeous wooden welcome signs consume Pinterest and rightfully so because they are perfection! However I wanted something a little different so I ordered this acrylic sign from Etsy. I bought the frame and easel on Amazon. The easel was originally a light maple colored wood but i stained it to better match the decor. Etsy Shop ; Easel ; Frame

11. Polaroid Guest Book

This can be a real hit or miss! Sometime guests don't quite understand how the Polaroid camera works or they don't realize it is even there. Thankfully my little brother took over and started helping guests by taking their pictures. We had so much fun looking through the album when we got home the following days. I would do this again in a heart beat but make sure to have someone in charge of it. Plus now we have fun Polaroid cameras to bring with us on vacations! Polaroid Camera Film

12. Bridesmaids Gifts

It was important for me to get my bridetribe something that was not only useful but also represented my personal style. If you know me well, then you know I'm obsessed with robes and moccasins. Being comfortable is huge on my priority list so that is exactly what I got them. Not only was it comfortable and cute while we were getting ready but when the girls feet started to hurt from their heels they were able to switch in to their comfy slippers to dance the night away. & Yes my 'bridesman' got a similar color matching robe and moccasins as well! Robes Moccasins Bridesman Robe

13. Groomsmen Gifts

This one can be a little tricky! If your fiance is anything like mine than he did not have much input on what to get them. We did agree on one thing. . .his groomsmen love to drink. Our venue only allowed for beer/wine and a signature drink, so we thought flasks were a clever way for the guys to sneak some shots in. We bought the custom flasks on Etsy (he included nicknames and the men loved seeing what Spencer picked for them ) with different options of booze. Also included in the gifts were the guys bow ties and suspenders that they were going to wear during the wedding. We didn't have the guys rent suits, rather we told them to just wear a black jacket, black pants and a white button up. By including the bow ties and suspenders it not only gave them one less thing to purchase but it also was a way to keep the men all coordinated. Bow Ties, Suspenders, Flask

14. Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes

Unfortunately, I forgot to take professional pictures of my bridesmaids proposal boxes but thankfully my besties snapped a few! Lauren (who happens to be my MOH) is the owner of Box and Bow and she helped me design these beautiful proposal boxes. I was so obsessed with how they turned out and I couldn't recommend Box and Bow enough if you are looking to pop the question to your bridesmaids! (P.S. She does a lot more amazing gifting options for all occasions - you should defiantly check her out)

15. Bar & Dessert Signs

I had gold accents through out the wedding and I just love how these cute little signs turned out. I made the signs on my computer and got the frames from Hobby Lobby. I had a few bar signs and did the same thing for our dessert table. Frame

16. Table Arrangement

Interestingly enough, one of the only things my fiance had input on was that he wanted round tables. Well...that was just not going to work because I wanted rectangular tables. Haha! So when my cater/rental company gave me the idea to mix and match I was thrilled. Not only was it a great compromise but I liked the idea even better. I do not love things to match too much so this gave the reception an original look.

17. Table Numbers and Centerpieces

I wanted to incorporate the gold accents into our centerpieces. I ended up buying the table number stands on Amazon and spray painted them gold. The table numbers were bought on etsy and the florist provided the gold vases. Table Number Stands, Table Numbers, Florist

18. Our Hashtag

Before we were even engaged I knew what our hashtag was going to be. I swear I am not crazy, but seriously what girl hasn't dreamed about their wedding day? I was so excited to share it with the world because it was the perfect play on words. It was important for me to include my last name(I had so little time left of being a Rodgers) and #RodgersNoMoyer was created. Wooden board here

19. My Accessories

It is very easy to go overboard with your accessories on your wedding day, and to be honest I almost did! I was looking at extravagant hair clips, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more but I am glad I stuck with my gut. It is SO important to be true to your self and I do not wear extravagant jewelry. My personal style tends to be more natural and simple so the Kinsley James hair clip and the Kendra Scott bracelet and earrings ended up being the perfect look for me! As I reflect back at our wedding, I am just so happy that I kept to my style. Earrings, Bracelet, Hair Clip

20. The Slowmotion Booth

I saved one of the bests wedding details for last. When I stumbled across the slow motion booth I instantly knew I HAD to have it. My love for video overcame me but the next step was to convince my fiance. Well. . . I am going to be honest, there was not much convincing to be done. Not only did he see how cool it was but he saw how much it meant to me to have them at our wedding. I was going to do whatever it took to have them there. When they were all set up, I was BLOWN away. It was even cooler than I had imagined. They had this giant screen that instantly plays back your moves in slow motion and your guests can input their email to receive the clips the following day. Everyone at our wedding was dying to try it out. The company then puts together this amazing highlight video for you to cherish forever. It is hard to get all your guests in your main wedding video so I love that we have this as a supplement. I would HIGHLY suggest this little splurge to anyone who is looking for that detail to put your wedding over the top.

As I wrote this list I couldn't help but think well what about my dress, Spencer's suit, the DJ, the videographer, the photographer, the cater, the venue, make-up/hair artist, the rental company, florist, can I just say everything!? Everything was so perfect! However, for this post I wanted to try and be specific to little details about the wedding. I do want to give a shout out to all my amazing vendors that made our day perfect!!! It wouldn't have happened without them and I would highly recommend every single one of them.

Dress: Galia Lahav

Wedding Dress Boutique: Kinsley James

Spencers Suit: R Douglas

DJ: DJ Jefty

Videographer: Alex Bridgman

Photographer: Essence Photography

Cater/Rental Company: Feasts for a King

Venue: Rancho Soquel with The Wedding Connection

Make-Up/Hair Artist: Liner & Lace

Florist: Fiona Floral

Brides Rings: Security Jewelers

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